Smiltė Juraitė

Today, 16 November, is the International Day for Tolerance, and this year marks the 20th anniversary  of the official and public celebration of this day in Lithuania. The International Day for Tolerance, as the observant day, was declared by the United Nations in 1995 and is celebrated annually in Lithuania.

The word tolerance comes from the Latin word tolerantia, which means patience. This means tolerance for others and understanding that a person may differ from us in terms of their views, beliefs, faith, ethnicity, skin colour, etc. Most often, tolerance defines our behaviour and reactions to an unsupported or minority community or individual. However, being tolerant does not mean that you have to adopt a different worldview, lifestyle or mention your values. Tolerance means only giving others the right to live according to their worldview.

Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (HEI) aims to create a safe and attractive working environment for its employees, to ensure the implementation of the policy of equal opportunities and diversity, preventing any discriminatory situations, to improve working conditions, to meet the needs of self-realisation and the desire to combine work and obligations in personal life.

Already a couple of years ago, the initiative to increase tolerance “Respect&Support” was launched within the organisation. During the campaign, videos were created, articles were written and communication was carried out on social media in order to increase awareness, support and empathy among students and employees, so that everyone, regardless of their gender, skin colour, origin, social status, religion, age, disability, would be respected and accepted.

We continue to aim for employees to feel that the organisation sincerely cares about them, helps them solve emerging problems and challenges, ensures equal opportunities, takes care of the emotional climate in workplaces, and aims for an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for every member of the community to prevail at Kauno kolegija HEI. Kauno kolegija HEI does not accept disrespectful behaviour towards people, therefore, in case of intolerable actions, community members are encouraged to speak up and act.

In order to strengthen this area at the institutional level, the position of welfare manager was created. When experiencing discrimination, intolerance, violations of equal opportunities, harassment, etc., community members are invited to write an email to or contact directly the welfare manager Smiltė Juraitė:
Pramonės pr. 20, room 1-38 (Mon-Fri 9 AM to 4 PM)
Phone:. + 370 647 91 881 (Mon-Fri 9 AM to 4 PM)