Short-cycle studies are intended to acquire a professional qualification according to the fifth level of the Lithuanian Qualifications Framework, devoting 1.5-2 years to it. These studies are practically based, occupationally-specific and prepare students to enter the labour market. At Kaunas University of Applied Sciences students can choose between User Interface Development and Systems Administration study programmes which allow to gain necessary knowledge and skills in 1.5 years.

The User Interface Development study programme is designed to prepare informatics engineering specialists who are able to perform user experience analyses, design and development activities related to user interfaces, and create websites for companies, institutions, organizations and other target users. User interface developers who have completed this study programme have knowledge of information technologies, graphic design, computer graphics, programming and are able to work with advanced information technologies and communicate individually with users, explaining their needs, expectations and requirements.

The goal of the Systems Administration study programme is to prepare system administrators who are able to install and update information and communication technology systems, administer information and communication technology system services and advise users of these systems, perform system hardware and software maintenance functions and ensure information security in various work environments.