Learning outcomes, including the mobility achievements are recognized according to the approved document „Order on Recognition of Study Achievements at Kauno kolegija“.

According to it the learning outcomes of students who have studied and/or have chosen practical training as a study subject in a Lithuanian or foreign higher education institution under the mobility programme are recognized without any limitations, if the programme is fulfilled.  The study achievements, assessed by the grade and indicated in the Transcript of Records of the hosting institution, are recognized and are recorded in the Diploma Supplement. If in the Transcript of Records it is indicated that the student has passed the subject but the learning outcomes are not evaluated by the mark, the evaluation and the recognition is performed according to the approved assessment procedures of a certain study programme. In the Diploma Supplement the place, volume and the semester of the achieved learning outcomes are indicated.

If the outgoing student during his mobility has missed some subjects obligatory for the fulfilment of the study programme or failed without any of his/her fault, he/she is given a possibility to continue the studies upon the return and get the recognition of his learning outcomes free of charge.

The head of the study programme is responsible for approving the contents of the Learning Agreements/Training Agreements and for the recognition of the learning outcomes of the outgoing students. He/she is also responsible for the approval of the Learning Agreements of the incoming students and assuring the provision of the Transcripts of Records for them.