Diploma and diploma Supplement

Diploma will be in Lithuanian language (translation to English will be included) and diploma supplement in Lithuanian and English.

If you cannot participate during the graduation ceremony, you will be able to take your diploma and the supplement from your faculty’s administration office after this date.

If you are leaving Lithuania before the diploma is issued, you can make a notary verified authorization allowing another person to take your diploma.

Legalisation of your diploma

Since January 18th, 2016 the order of putting an apostille on documents has changed.
Documents issued by the Republic of Lithuania have to be certified (with apostille) by a notary, not by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as it was done before.

Therefore, students graduating in June have to put an apostille on their diplomas. This can be done in two ways: in Lithuanian embassy or consular office in your country, or an apostille can be put in any notary office in Lithuania.

There is a legalization fee for the legalization of one document (Apostille) around 11-15 EUR per page.