Autumn semester

Introduction week: September 2nd–September 8th
Study period: 
September 2nd–December 20th
Christmas holidays: December 23rd–January 5th
Exam period: January 6th–31st (Faculty of Business: December 2nd–20th)

Spring semester

Introduction week: January 27th–February 2nd
Study period: February 3rd–May 29th
Easter holidays: April 13th–19th
Exam period: June 1st–30th
Summer break: July 1st–August 31st

Autumn semester*

Introduction week: August 31st–September 6th
Study period: 
September 7th–December 18th (might be shorter for some study programmes)
Christmas holidays: December 21st–January 3rd
Exam period: January 4th–29th (might be in December for some study programmes)

*The dates might change due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Spring semester

Introduction week: January 25th–31st
Study period: February 1st–May 28th
Easter holidays: will be provided later
Exam period: May 31st–June 30th
Summer break: July 1st–August 31st