We provide high-quality higher education focused on practical activities and the needs of the learners and the society, promote applied research and art activities.


Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences is a modern, social responsible, business-oriented and internationally recognized higher education institution upholding the national culture and traditions.


Responsibility – We see responsibility as a fair and transparent decision making and implementation process where the needs of students, teachers, parents, social partners, employers and other members of the society are duly respected. Responsibility is the fulfilment of commitments by rational use of available resources.

Professionalism – We see professionalism as cognition starting with self-awareness, the belief in our own abilities and abilities of others, the necessity to implement our ideas in a high-quality manner. Professionalism is supported by a continuous pursuit of knowledge, mutual harmony between individuals and the environmental, striving for goals and the desire to become a leader in our field of expertise.

Openness – Openness helps us to recognize, accept, apply and develop innovative solutions, to move forward with the dynamic world of business. Openness is our need and the driving force that encourages sharing of experiences, improvement and change management. Only a free and democratic higher education institution can foster self-conscious and creative personalities.

Respect – We see respect as tolerance for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, attitudes and beliefs. Respect for everyone’s work and contribution to the joint activity helps to achieve the desired results. Respect for the past, for the culture of our country and our organization shapes our identity and ensures the continuity of old and creation of new traditions.

Sense of Community – We see the sense of community as an ongoing process, the outcome of which is close and lasting relations between community members. Our principles are communication and collaboration, sharing of experience, knowledge and ideas. The efforts of all individual community members joined together create the success of our institution.

Strategy 2020

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