Library and centre of information resources


All members of the community of our institution have the right to become library readers and have

access to all documents stored at the library and the services provided.

You can find a modern study centre with linguistics cabinets for foreign language teaching in new

building (Pramonės pr. 22A).

Library is also available to all the citizens of Kaunas. Library funds are related to biomedicine,

technology, humanities, physical and social sciences, the arts.

Library and Centrer of Information Resources is a member of the High Schools Library Net (LABT) and Lithuania’s Integrative Library Information System (LIBIS). For this reason implementation of the automated library programme ALEPH 500 has been installed as well as the electronic cataloguing system.

You can find electronic catalogue and Resources of Lithuanian Academic Libraries here.

If you need any book you can visit the library of Kauno Kolegija. If you wish to take a book home,

you need to present your Student card (LSC/ISC) (in some cases library staff can ask for ID/passport as well). Remember that books are given for a certain period. If you want to keep a book for longer period, you have to prolong it.

There is an internet access, scanning/printing facilities and spaces for individual and group work.
The Library and Centre of Information Resources is opened:

(Pramonės pr. 22, II floor)

Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 19:00

Saturday – 9:00 – 14:00

The Library is closed on the last Friday of the month.


Students` canteens


There are several students` canteens located in the faculties of KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University

of Applied Sciences. Prices in these canteens vary, but they are lower than in usual cafeteria in

the town.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that they usually are open till 2 p.m.


Computer services


You can have access to computer facilities located in all faculties as well as the Library and

Center of Information Resources.

WIRELESS internet zones are installed in different areas of our institution. For more information

or help please contact the IT people (Pramonės pr. 20, room No. 215) or representatives of the

Unit of International Studies.

Sports and cultural activities


The students and staff members of KAUNO KOLEGIJA/UAS have a lot of possibilities to participate in different sports and cultural activities.

The students can reveal their talents in various clubs: Kauno Kolegija Choir, Drama, Modern

Dance Studio, Studio of Folk Dance, “Roboclub”.

Annually, a lot of traditional festivals are organized at KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University of Applied

Sciences to enrich students’ life: Freshmen Inauguration, Art Days, popular fashion show “Gossip”,

tournaments of computer games, competitions of cosmetologists’ professional skills, World

Tourism Day, students’ and lecturers’ debates, International Francophone Day and other.

Students’ health is upheld by sports. Students can be active participants of various sports teams

of KAUNO KOLEGIJA, attend different training activities, use the modern facilities for sports.
In The Centre for Cultural Activities and Sports has been opened in 2016.



Centre for Cultural Activities and Sports

Pramonės pr. 22, room 110, e-mail:
If you want to know more about leisure time by making sports in Kaunas, You can visit website: ( → Tourism → Entertainment ).


Dormitories of KAUNO KOLEGIJA / UAS


Dormitory accommodation is available for all students: for exchange, full – time, part–time

students, for students who are equalizing studies etc. In case all the students are accommodated and free places are left, other people can get an opportunity to apply.


Dormitory No. 1

Taikos pr. 121, Kaunas

Tel.: +370 37 35 24 68

Dormitory No. 2

  1. Krėvės pr. 92, Kaunas

Tel.: +370 37 31 19 81

Dormitory No. 3

  1. Krėvės pr. 90, Kaunas

Tel.: +370 37 45 56 89

Dormitory No. 4

Kalniečių g. 126, Kaunas

Tel.: +370 37 73 07 66

Typets of accommodations

All incoming students and teachers, if needed, are provided with the room at the dormitory.

There are three types of accommodation:

  • 3 rooms share one shower, WC, kitchen with all the facilities. Price – 180 EUR per month per


  • 3 rooms share one shower and WC. Price – 172 EUR per month per room.
  • 1 room with shower and WC on the floor. Price – 49-96 EUR per month for one student.

The price for the room consists of payment for the rent and utilities.
The booking of the room requires the deposit of 90Eur. Deposit is refundable upon departure if no damage occurs in the room.

Updated: 2017-01-10