Library and Centre of Information Resources


All members of the community of Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences have the right to become library readers and get access to the documents stored at the library and the services provided.

Library and Centre of Information Resources is a member of the High Schools Library Net (LABT) and Lithuania’s Integrative Library Information System (LIBIS).


Library provides:

  • Internet access;
  • Scanning / printing facilities;
  • Space for individual or group work;
  • Modern study centre with separate rooms for teaching.


Taking the book home:

  • Provide your Student Identity Card (LSIC or ISIC);
  • Remember that books are given for a limited period;
  • For keeping the book longer, prolong the period.

Address: Pramonės pr. 22A, 2nd and 3rd floor.

Working hours:

Monday–Friday               8:00–19:00

Saturday                           9:00–14:00

The Library is closed on the last Friday of the month.

Computer services


You can have access to computer facilities located in all the faculties and Library and

The Centre of Information Resources. Wi-fi is installed in different areas of the institution.


For more information, please, contact IT staff (Pramonės pr. 20, room 215).


There are two canteens located in the faculties of KAUNO KOLEGIJA / UAS. Prices vary, but they are lower than the average of eating places in town.



Pramonės pr. 20;

Pramonės pr. 22;


Working hours:

Monday–Friday 8:00–14:00.



All the students can apply for a room at the dormitory. All international students (full-time and exchange) are provided with a room if required.


There are three types of accommodation:

  • 1 block with 3 rooms that share a shower, a toilet, and a kitchen with all the facilities. Monthly price – 196 EUR per room;
  • 1 block with 3 rooms that share a shower and a toilet. The kitchen is shared with other rooms. Monthly price – 188 EUR per room;
  • 1 block with 2 rooms that share a shower and a toilet. The kitchen is shared with other rooms. Monthly price – 188 EUR per room.


The deposit is 90 EUR per person. They money is refunded upon departure if no damage is done.


Paying for the dormitory:

Students must pay for the dormitory before the 15th day of every month for the current month. E. g.: for October you have to pay before the 15th of October.



Institution code: 111965284 

Bank: „Swedbank“, AB

Account Nr.: LT28 7300 0100 0222 9776


Institution code: 111965284 

Bank: „AB SEB bankas“

Account Nr. LT42 7044 0600 0815 6460



When paying, provide this information:

  • Your name and surname;
  • Purpose: “Už bendrabutį”;
  • Dormitory number or address;
  • Room number.


Examples of payment:


Name Surname                                                          Name Surname

Už bendrabutį Nr. 4, 111 kamb.                               Už bendrabutį Kalniečių g. 126, 111 kamb.





Dormitory No. 1

Taikos pr. 121, Kaunas

Tel.: +370 37 35 24 68


Dormitory No. 2

Krėvės pr. 92, Kaunas

Tel.: +370 37 31 19 81


Dormitory No. 3

Krėvės pr. 90, Kaunas

Tel.: +370 37 45 56 89


Dormitory No. 4

Kalniečių g. 126, Kaunas

Tel.: +370 37 73 07 66

Updated: 2018-10-10