Graduates exhibition in Finland

Justinas Vienožinskis Faculty of Arts, Department of Photography student Aleksandra Skripnik opened a solo exhibition „The role of the darkroom in the photographic culture of Lithuania” on October 10th in Imatra City Hall Gallery Winter Garden (Finland).

When photography was first introduced via the Daguerreotype many people thought it would be the death of painting. But rather it pushed painting in new directions. In those days so many debates were being heard about the death of photography. Rising to the challenge, photographer Aleksandra Skripnik has documented the declining use of darkrooms all over Lithuania in our increasingly digital world, including professional and commercial currently functioning photographically productive spaces.

More than a nostalgic look at methods fading from fashion, Aleksandra’s work highlights the notion of obsolescence and the role of technology in changing the meaning and function of art. Darkened rooms and silver gelatin paper held the alchemical vibe of the traditional photographic process for a few generations. In these darkrooms many images from famous Lithuanian photographers were born. They made a significant impact on the history of Lithuanian photography. Aleksandra Skripnik brought them in to the light as important evidence of changes in photograph-making technology.

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