Photographers – in “Saimaa International Week”

Photographers – in “Saimaa International Week”Sometimes new directions are more open than you can imagine. Experience of Photography Department enrich “Saimaa International Week” in Finland. What they have done there? Feel and then just analyze the photos of different countries students. But first, read and figure out how lecturers and students of Photography Department spent the time in that inimitable journey.

„This year we had a chance to participate in “Saimaa International Week” where we held a photography workshop to the students of Saimaa University of Applied Science, Department of Fine Arts. During the presentation we introduced Kauno Kolegija University of Applied Sciences, Justinas Vienožinskis Faculty of Arts, Photography Department (FOKA), the Bright and Showy gallery, talked about the possibilities and achievements of the programme, and the benefits of international student exchange between the two universities. Later we gathered at the photography department to start a lecture and the workshop.“ – Petras Saulėnas  explaining the main things.

Participants were introduced to large format photography using Sinar P2 8×10“ camera and black and white direct positive process. First lecturer Petras Saulėnas photographed each student using the camera and lecturer Dovilis Paliukas explained the process of picture development in the darkroom. Later the students tried the process/technique themselves by taking a picture of their favourite place in Linnalan campus and Imatra surroundings and producing the photographs with the guidance of our lecturers. As a result of the workshop each student ended up with a diptych – black and white slides – a portrait and a picture of their favorite place.

Look at the photographies and feel the moment.

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