Invitation to Participate in International Event of Food Technologist

Food TechnologistThis November, Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences (KK) together with Valahia University of Targoviste (Romania) organizes the 2nd International contest “Food Technologist 2016”. Students Lithuania and abroad who study food technology, safety and other related to food study programme are invited to participate.

The contest will include two stages. In the first one on October 21st, the participants will take test in a remote way. The tasks of the test will relate to issues of healthy lifestyle, food safety and quality, food physics, work safety. Teams who received the best results, will be invited to participate in the second stage, i. e. on November 17th, in KK (Pramonės av. 22, Kaunas). The participants of the contest will have to accomplish practical tasks in the laboratories of food product technology, microbiology and the evaluation of food quality, will also participate in intellectual game.

Registration is going until 2016, October 14th. Registration is available for the team of students which consists of 4 individuals.

For more information call 00 370 (37) 35 23 12 or write

International contest „Food Technologist 2016“ rules

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