Student Support and Services


All incoming students are provided with the room at the dormitory.

There are three types of accommodation. Price depends on the type of the room in dormitory

  • 3 rooms share one shower, WC, kitchen with all the facilities. Price ~ 163 EUR per month per room.

  • 3 rooms share one shower and WC. Price ~156 EUR per month per room.

  • 1 room with shower and WC on the floor. Price – 106 – 132 EUR per month per room.

There is a possibility to rent an apartment in the city as well.
Please, contact Unit of International Studies, your faculty coordinator or students – mentors for more information.


All members of the community of our institution have the right to become library readers and have access to all documents stored at the library and the services provided.

You can find library, linguistics cabinets for foreign language teaching in new building (Pramonės pr. 22A).
Library is also available to all citizens. For readers – about 160 thousands of copies containing complete library funds related to biomedicine, technology, humanities and social sciences, the arts.

The library of KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University of Applied Sciences is a member of the High Schools Library Net (LABT) and Lithuania’s Integrative Library Information System (LIBIS). For this reason implementation of the automated library programme ALEPH 500 has been installed as well as the electronic cataloguing system.

All faculties have their own specialized libraries, but for more literature, please, visit Kaunas Public Library at Radastų str. 2, phone +37037 324382,

Students` Canteens

There are several students` canteens located in the faculties of KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University of Applied Sciences. Prices in these canteens vary, but they are lower than in a usual cafeteria in the town.

We would like to draw your attention that usually they are open till 2 p.m.

Computer services

You can have full access to computer facilities located in all faculties as well as Distance Learning Centre and Self-study centre (Pramones pr. 20, Floor 3).

WIRELESS internet zones are installed in different zones of our institution.

Please, contact the IT people or representatives of Unito f International Studies for the advice.


KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University of Applied Sciences has its own Sport Centre with athletic halls, fields and a swimming pool. Working hours vary in the Sport Centre, so, please, contact your faculty coordinator for more information regarding attendance.

The men basketball team of our institution is a member of Lithuanian Student Basketball League. The team maintains ties of friendship with basketball players from other Lithuanian universities and colleges. One of the most popular annual events – the traditional basketball tournament „The Director’s Cup“- is organized at the institution every year.


In order to integrate foreign students into the academic life of KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University of Applied Sciences and generally – in Kaunas city, the Mentoring programme has been developed. Students – mentors act as best friends of foreign students and help them in everyday activities: finding services (hospitals, post offices, banks, hairdressers, etc) in the city, organizing excursions and evening events. The Unit of International Studies and the Students’ Delegation of institution (KKSA) are responsible for carrying out the Mentoring programme. Mentoring activities last from August till June or for the whole period of foreign students stay at KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University of Applied Sciences.

Mentors of KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University of Applied Sciences are the members of Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

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