Student Association

The Student Association of KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University af Applied Sciences (KKSA) represents the community of all students of KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University af Applied Sciences. This is an association of friendly, creative, inventive and enthusiastic students. The main purpose of the Association is representation of students’ interests and mediation between teachers and students. The Student Association is young and ambitious students, therefore the activities of KKSA are continually renewed by involvement of new members.

Naturally, the Students’ Association confronts with challenges and obstacles, but the members take delight in overcoming difficulties and sharing their achievements. The Student Association represents the interests of the KAUNAS KOLEGIJA students in the best possible ways and promotes the positive image and traditions of institution both within the institution and externally.

KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University of Applied Sciences is a member of ESN Lithuania (ERASMUS Student Network Lithuania).

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