Unit of International Studies

The Unit of International Studies was established in 2013 to substitute  the Department of International Relations

Key areas of activity are as follows:

  • Coordination of the internationalization  activities  at Kauno Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences  and following  the  implementation of related strategic objectives
  • Administration of mobility programmes
  • Admission of international full- time students
  • Preparation of documents regulating separate international collaboration activities;
  • Dissemination of information on international collaboration activities and opportunities;
  • Search for potential partners and development of relations with international  partners;
  • Reception of foreign guests and  organization  of international cooperation events;
  • Collection and analysis  of  data related  to the internationalization  activities at the institution

Staff of the Unit of International Studies

Currently there are 3 staff members  in the unit  responsible for different activity areas:

Head of the Unit of International Studies:
Jolanta Valiaugiene
E – mail: jolanta.valiaugiene@go.kauko.lt

  • Planning of international activities of the institution to meet strategic  objectives;
  • Coordination of international activities of Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences divisions;
  • Coordination of ERASMUS  + programme on an institutional scale (Institutional Erasmus Coordinator);
  • Representation of the institution in international events;
  • Rendering consultations on international activity, applying for international project funding, arranging international conferences, seminars, meetings;
  • Supervision of  international project funds;
  • Coordination of faculty coordinators’ activities.

Outgoing Student and Teacher  Coordinator:

Indre Domanaitiene
E – mail: erasmus@go.kauko.lt

  • Administration of outgoing Erasmus + mobility activities;
  • Supervision of bilateral agreements;
  • Rendering consultations to outgoing students and teachers;
  • Preparation and supervision of financial agreements of outgoing students and teachers;
  • Communication with  international partners;
  • Preparation of information for outgoing students and holding information seminars for them;
  • Making announcements about studies, scholarships, and placements.

Incoming Student and Teacher Coordinator:

Agne Narvilaite
E – mail: incoming@go.kauko.lt

  • Admission  of international full –times students;
  • Administration  of incoming exchange students and staff  members applications and mediation with the faculties;
  • Preparation of promotional materials  and dissemination of information about the study possibilities at  Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences;
  • Advising incoming teachers and students about accommodation, visas and other issues;
  • Arranging orientation weeks and cultural programmes for incoming students;
  • Coordination of mentor programmes.

International activities at the faculties are coordinated by the Project Coordinators:

Vienozinskis Faculty of Arts, Kaunas, A.Mackeviciaus st. 27, room no. 206.
Ms. Violeta Kamantauskiene, e-mail: violeta.kamantauskienė@go.kauko.lt
phone: (8 37) 32 11 09

Faculty of Management and Economics, Kaunas, Pramonės pr. 20, room no. 413.
Mr. Modestas Riauka, e-mail: modestas.riauka@go.kauko.lt
phone: (8 37) 76 13 16

Faculty of Medicine, Kaunas, K. Petrausko st. 15, room no. 317.
Ms Vytaute Giedraitiene, e-mail: vytaute.giedraitiene@go.kauko.lt
phone: (8 37) 32 41 56

Faculty of Technologies, Kaunas, Pramonės pr.22, room no. 213.
Mr. Povilas Beseckas, e-mail:  povilas.beseckas@go.kauko.lt
phone: (8 37) 35 23 10

Study Centre of Humanities, Kedainiai, Basanavičiaus st. 4
Ms. Ieva Brazauskaite -Zubavičiene, e-mail: ieva.brazauskaite@go.kauko.lt

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