Relations with Business

Partnership plays a significant role in Kauno kolegija/University of Applied Science (KK). This institution of higher education cooperates with various Lithuanian and foreign business enterprises, associated business structures and state organizations. Partnership helps us expand environments for personal and communal development and service to society.

During their studies, the students of KK meet businesspersons  from Lithuania and other countries. The leaders of the most advanced business organizations have been elected members of  the KK Council (it is chaired by a business representative), study programme committees. Therefore, they have a direct impact on the development of the KK.

While ensuring the relevance of the study programmes, their quality and competitiveness, special attention is paid to the participation of representatives of the business world in various activities related to the  development, improvement and implementation of study programmes. These people are the strategists of the improvement of study programmes. Their opinion and assistance are very important in organizing professional field survey, trying to find out the demand for the new and existing study programmes, updating learning outcomes, improving students’ practical training and other issues related to the quality of studies. According to the KK Statute, the committees of the study programmes are headed by representatives of the business world; they comprise more than a half of the members  of study programme committees.

KK is in close cooperation with social partners in the area of applied research and artistic activities as well. An outstanding feature of the scientific-practical conferences organized by KK is topics, reflecting the implementation of the “triangle of knowledge” (integration of studies, applied research and business).

Employers as well as other Lithuanian and foreign stakeholders are invited to make presentations in conferences. The multidimensional look at problems during conferences ensures systemic approach and attracts stakeholders to discuss the issues related to the quality of study programmes and applied research, this way adding to their improvement.  KK academic staff and students are involved in the joint activities of the higher education institution and businesses / enterprises.

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