Faculty of Management and Economics

Dean of Faculty of Management and Economics
Ms. Onutė Junevičienė
Tel: + 370 37 75 11 29
E-mail: ona.juneviciene@go.kauko.lt

International coordinator
Mr. Modestas Riauka
Tel: + 370 37 76 13 16
E- mail: modestas.riauka@go.kauko.lt

Current Study Programmes:

  • Tourism and Hotel Management;
    • Tourism Management;
    • Hotel Management;
  • Business Management;
    • Advertising Management;
    • Services Marketing Management;
  • Trade Management;
  • Business Management in the Food Industry;
    • Food Manufacturing Company Management;
    • Food Trading Company Management;
    • Marketing for Food Manufacturing Companies.
  • Accounting;
  • Finance;
  • Office and Enterprise Administration;
    • Small and Medium Business Organisation;
    • Personnel Organisation;
    • Office Administration;
    • Logistics Administration;
  • Law;
    • Enforcement Procedure;
    • Business Law;
    • Social Security Law.

Areas of Current Research: market, managerial, management, sustainable tourism, educational, social, economics and law. The Faculty currently offers study programmes that are in demand in the labour market. The students are provided favourable conditions for acquiring qualifications of a lawyer, accountant, financier and company administrator.

The Faculty prepares qualified management specialists for Kaunas and Druskininkai regions and for the entire country. This subdivision mainly focuses on students’ preparation for practical work. For this purpose the Faculty has established companies for simulating real world activities. These include: Communication Laboratory, “Talija”, “Turistlandija” and “Skanaus”, and a Self-study Centre. The study process is supplied with computers and demonstration equipment. Annual conferences such as “Social Partnership: Prerequisites for Successful Activity Development” and “Topical Business Issues for Future Managers” are organized. The students of all study programmes learn two foreign languages.

Pramonės pr. 20
LT-50468 Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 37 75 11 27
Fax.: +370 37 75 11 35

Gedimino st. 41
LT- 44240 Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel./Fax.: + 370 37 32 28 10

Druskininkai center

Head of Druskininkai Department
Mr. Algimantas Baranauskas
Tel.: +370 313 552 35
E-mail: algimantas.baranauskas@go.kauko.lt

Current Study Programmes:

  • Tourism and Hotel Management;
    • Branches:
      • Tourism Management;
      • Hotel Management;
    • A degree of Professional Bachelor in management is awarded to students who complete the studies;
    • Study Form – Full-time studies;
    • Duration: Full-time studies – 3 years (6 semesters);
  • Business Management;
    • Branches:
      • Advertising Management;
      • Services Marketing Management ;
    • A degree of Professional Bachelor in management is awarded to students who complete the studies and a manager’s qualification is granted;
    • Study Form: Part-time studies; Duration – Four years (8 semesters).

The main purpose of the Business Management Faculty of Druskininkai Department is to prepare qualified managers in response to the needs of the region so that they can work successfully in business services companies.

During practices the main focus is on the development of students’ practical skills (competences), necessary for specific work places. The Department cooperates with the town’s sanatoriums, hotels and tourism agencies, and Tourism and Business Information Centre – places where the students perform their professional training practice.

M. K. Čiurlionio st. 80
LT-66144 Druskininkai, Lithuania
Tel./ Fax.: +370 313 552 35

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