Director’s View

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Today Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences is a competitive higher education institution striving for European quality in higher education by following the experience and best practice of the leading European higher education institutions.

Our institution is seen and appreciated by the public. This is confirmed by the top positions held in the rankings of Lithuanian colleges and European Higher Education Area, excellent evaluation scores given by international experts. In recent years we have strengthened positions in the international arena by developing and implementing programmes initiated by international networks of European higher education institutions. 

The breakthrough of Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences is the result of systematic efforts in implementing EU structural funds programmes. The received funding was used to improve the quality of education and management, to modernize and expand the infrastructure of the institution, to design new and to update the present study programmes, and for professional development of the academic staff.

We have to look back and remember the past in order to appreciate the present. The development of our higher education institution started in 2000, when two further education schools joined forces in one organization striving for a common goal, i.e. improvement of higher education quality. We wanted to prove to ourselves and to the general public that we were able to grow, improve, and establish on a higher tier of education system. Like many other organizations, Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences faced the challenges of that period: unpredictable legal environment, limitations caused by insufficient financial resources and lack of time, the need for renewal and the feeling of uncertainty that accompanied the changes. 

The result of common efforts is rewarding. Over a decade our organization has developed the culture that accepts different viewpoints and gives them a common aspect, overcomes the internal inertia, promotes the lifelong learning approach and encourages concentration on the most important imperative – the quality. 

I would like to emphasize a particular achievement in organizational development of Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences and that is a unified, hard-working, ambitious, youthful and energetic community bringing together curious students, faculty members who continuously improve the teaching and research excellence, well-intentioned and responsible social partners and successfully employed alumni. We all share the striving for new knowledge, self-realization and successful career. But the most important thing that unites us is the idea of collaboration, the desire to move forward, to be the best, and to do the work that is meaningful for us and for others so that we can be proud of the achieved results.

The goal chosen by the community of Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences to work responsibly, professionally, effectively and efficiently remains important in the future perspective. Rapid social, economic and technological changes, globalization and other processes will create new opportunities and challenges that we will have to tackle in order to achieve sustainable development that entails both quantitative and qualitative dimensions. The activities defined by the strategy are focused on the expression of organizational integrity, exclusivity and modernity and they will bring our institution closer to the vision presented in this document. Our daily work is like a relay race: the result is recorded when the last member of the team brings the baton to the finish line. Therefore, we will have to maintain the spirit of rallying and collaboration, to foster and promote the most important process in a higher education institution, namely the interaction of motivated students and competent teachers.

We shall definitely continue and develop the traditions of the organization that instigates changes and strives to be the leader by successfully implementing the goals and objectives laid down in the strategy. 

Dr. Mindaugas Misiūnas
Director of Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences

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